Docker-powered terminals for your website.

Show, don’t tell. Let people try your product and follow tutorials from the terminal without leaving the browser.


What does it do?

Termible is a subscription service that provides a simple way to embed an actual Linux terminal into your website. Like the one above.

Why is it useful?

To allow users instantly interact with your product (a CLI tool, REST API, programming language, etc.) from the terminal without installation or even leaving the page.

Who already uses it?

See for real-world examples (runnable docs, full terminal). More than 100K people have used termible to try HTTPie directly from its website.


Embedded terminals

Instantly-interactive terminals embedded in your website. No more install-to-try.

Executable code examples

Make your online documentation and tutorials interactive with runnable shell code snippets.

Session recording

Record & replay terminal sessions to understand your users.

How it works

Create project

Create a new project from your termible dashboard, choose a subscription and configure terminal parameters.

Add Dockerfile

Create or choose a Dockerfile to describe the server environment and installed packages for your terminals.

Embed to website

Embed to your website with a JavaScript snippet. Termible launches and serves containers to your users as they connect.

Choose a plan

Let’s increase your conversion rate by reducing friction while delighting your users.

Open source

Free 5 concurrent terminals


$tbd/mo 20 concurrent terminals

$tbd/mo each additional 10 terminals


500+ concurrent terminals

Termible is in private beta for now. Join the waiting list.

Let me know when termible launches

termible is in private beta, but your can leave your email bellow, and we will keep you updated: